District Soil Conservation Office, Dhunche, Rasuwa

Government of Nepal - Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation - Department of Soil Conservation Watershed Management

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The Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management (DSCWM) is part of Nepal’s Ministry of Forests and is responsible for programmes that help to conserve fragile soil resources in a way that is integrated with watershed management. Nepal`s rugged and geologically unstable steep mountain topography, coupled with intense monsoon rainfall for several months per year, make the country prone to high soil erosion rates. The erosion is further exacerbated by the fact that farmers are increasingly driven to cultivate ever more marginal slopes in order to meet the agricultural demands of a rapidly increasing population. Other physiographic and climatic conditions such as deforestation, overgrazing, and poorly maintained marginal lands conspire to further contribute to the degradation of watersheds. In addition, the socioeconomic conditions that prevail in one of the world`s poorest countries mean that human activities such as improper land use, unscientific cultivation practices, and the construction of development infrastructure without integrating conservation measures continue to add to the problems of soil erosion, which lead to landslides, flooding, and environmental degradation.

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Objectives of DSCO Rasuwa 1

Conservation and management of important and prioritized sub watersheds in the district to minimize the pressure of hazards of landslides, floods and soil erosion and to maintain natural environment.

Objectives of DSCO Rasuwa 2

Maintaining land productivity and prolonging the services of development infrastructures through scientific management of sub watersheds to support rural livelihoods

Objectives of DSCO Rasuwa 3

Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management has providing soil conservation and watershed management services to 61 districts of Nepal through its District Soil Conservation Offices.

Objectives of DSCO Rasuwa 4

The DSCO provides intensive support to the users in prioritized sub-watershed for 4 to 5 years as per resources available. After this period the support will shift to another prioritized sub-watershed.

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